What & How?

This is an interesting year for all of us. While a big part of the world living in quarantine a lot of people are confronted with news like financial crisis. But the reality is not always like it seems. The same time when the media is showing the markets velocity of one side but have you thought about what it looks like on the other side? Many people are getting rich if you had any insights in stocks and bonds. When you are already rich or born rich it is a paradise to buy low. Think about gold, real estate and etc. Point is the un-rich doesn’t win anything of it but poverty and more debts by the system.

If you are free-minded somethings tell you it’s all dirty games and scams by leaders you supposed to trust. By repeating the debt system which is not any difference as slavery these days. Well cause of this kind of things someone created a solution, one that became the key to escape the financial systems that was abusing the whole civilization for centuries.

The last financial world crisis was in 2007 a time where a beautiful development started. You see innovations and solutions always start out of a problem. That was the moment that cryptocurrency begin to get shape. And in januari 2009 the first Bitcoin was born on The Blockchain. It’s a great story and 11 years later today this financial crisis this creation is mature. Between then and today it has involve big time that worldwide all major companies are adapting their systems on The Blockchain.

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The times of critics are over if you believe it or not and like it or not The Blockchain and cryptocurrency is already operational even by those who where against it from the beginning are now loyal sheep’s. Funny how things are turning around. This is one of the revolutions in mankind and we are about to be witness it all and be a part and the made of history.